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Featured in Yahoo Life: The Importance of Taking Short Breaks at Work

Felicity was proud to be able to contribute to this interesting article by Yahoo journalist Kate Ng-Kent, bringing a psychogical perspective to the issue of taking breaks at work.

The importance of taking short breaks at work

As clinical psychologists and resilience experts we know the importance of taking short breaks at work. Breaks are central to our ability to function, to maintain motivation and productivity.

It is only by taking breaks that we allow our bodies and minds to recover and bounce back from challenges.

So to us at Ultimate Resilience the data presented in the article, that 'just over a third (37%) of UK office workers take regular breaks, with the majority (80%) sneaking away in secret to get some much-needed me-time.' is startling.

This suggests that the majority of people interviewed in the study not only feel unsupported to take regular breaks at work, but also experience some sense of shame or guilt at needing to do so.

This does not bode well for a resilient workforce and warrants further analysis as to the reasons that breaks have become so frowned upon.

Get in touch if you have found taking breaks difficult at work. Our resilience coaching will help you find a better balance.


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