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The mental health benefits of a 'work wife'? Jo comments in Yahoo Life!

I'm so proud of Dr Jo Burrell for making time to add her expertise to this interesting discussion in YahooLife! about the mental health benefits of having a 'work wife'.

This may not be a term that you are familiar with, but research shows that women in particular are more likely to confide in work colleagues about a range of personal issues ranging from relationships, to holidays, and social plans rather than with their partner.

Jo adds a psychological perspective on the wellbeing impact of these findings citing psychological research that shows strong relationships act as a buffer against stress.

Talking with someone we trust provides a safe space for reflection and problem-solving and acts as a great source of positive emotions which are known to soothe the stress response.

For those who have not yet found their work spouse, Jo goes on to share some useful tips on how to build strong relationships at work.

Importantly these relationships need to be balanced with each person having space to share and reflect, to feel listened to, appreciated and valued.

The mental health benefits of a 'work wife'


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