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Be Well to Work Well Assessment

Do you have concerns about employee mental health or wellbeing, but don’t know where to start?

Are high rates of stress and burnout undermining the functioning of your teams? 

Do you understand what is driving these threats to organisational performance? Or do you lack time or expertise to design your own wellbeing evaluation?

How we can help

Our Be Well to Work Well Assessment will reveal risks to employee resilience and wellbeing and clarify what your people need to remain psychologically fit and emotionally healthy at work. 

Through a process of consultation, design and implementation, we illuminate staff challenges and concerns. Using systematic analysis, we formulate evidence-based recommendations that allow you to develop a clear wellbeing strategy and action plan aimed at banishing stress and building resilience. These critical insights will ensure your people remain engaged and productive, and will minimise risks to the business of presenteeism, long term absence and employee turnover.


Our unique evaluation process will ensure you:


Establish a benchmark for tracking wellbeing within your organisation


Discover what is behind employee stress-related absenteeism, turnover and dissatisfaction


Clarify  learning and support needs for improved resilience and wellbeing


Understand the essential ingredients for your wellbeing strategy


Know the actions you can take to improve the emotional climate of your workplace


Significantly reduce costs linked to absenteeism and turnover due to stress

Core training in research methods, survey design and statistical evaluation

Robust evidence-based scientific approach

Extensive knowledge of mental health and wellbeing

Expertise in workplace stress and resilience​

Why choose us?

Research shows that engaging an external agency with proven expertise will maximise response rates and engagement, ensuring you get the answers you need, saving you time and money. 

As Clinical Psychologists we have:

I was so impressed with the approach Jo and Felicity took with our well-being survey! We want to work and collaborate with our employees and Jo & Felicity really took this onboard and spent time designing the survey together with our employees, getting input from them.
We had a great response to the survey and now have a document which will be incorporated to our People Strategy.

Thank you so much, I look forward to working with you both!

Nina Reed

HR Business Partner at Julian House

What people say

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