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How we started 

Our incredible journey began in our spiritual home, the NHS, where we worked tirelessly to support positive change for people with mental health difficulties. Playing a part in improving the lives of people in our community was a privilege and an experience we will never forget.

But we gradually realised that beyond the clinic walls there were millions of people who were in desperate need of our psychological skills and expertise. In workplaces everywhere, stress and other mental health issues were affecting increasing numbers of employees and employers had little clue about how to address this problem.

So, in 2013 we set up Ultimate Resilience. Our mission was to create psychologically healthy working environments in which people can flourish and thrive. Since then, we’ve been super busy researching, designing and innovating (we’ve also won some awards!). And our hard work has paid off, because we now have proven results – our support really makes a difference!

Where to next?

We are constantly developing new solutions, responding to the needs of our clients and providing interventions that ensure lasting positive psychological change for those we work with.  


We are proud to be contributing to the growing knowledge in our field through ongoing research collaborations and academic publications.

Through our journey we have come to fully understand which factors are crucial to workplace resilience. We know that a one size fits all approach is not always effective. We understand that our clients have differing needs around staff mental health and wellbeing and timing is everything. That’s why we take a customised approach with every organisation we work with.

We are so excited for the future! As more and more organisations seek out our unique expertise and approach, we’re moving ever closer to our goal of banishing stress and creating a healthy workplace culture for all.

Dr Felicity Baker, C.Psychol., AFBPsS

CEO & Founder 

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Dr Jo Burrell, C.Psychol., AFBPsS

CEO & Founder 

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About Us

Proven Expertise 

Who We Are

Office workers

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, we are Dr Felicity Baker and Dr Jo Burrell.


We are experienced clinical psychologists and chartered coaching psychologists, with an academic record of published research.


We are committed to bringing you high impact, evidence-based and supportive learning experiences  that are designed to lead to lasting and quantifiable psychological change.

We've Got Your Back

Office workers

In these times of change, businesses are juggling multiple priorities. 


Creating a psychologically healthy work environment that places employee wellbeing at centre stage is essential for individual and organisational resilience. But to achieve this takes time and a considered, strategic approach. 


With our extensive experience and proven methods, we can do the heavy lifting for you. By evaluating your organisation’s key pressure points and sources of staff stress, we will help you develop a wellbeing strategy that makes workplace stress a thing of the past. Our training, coaching and supervision services will support you to build strong, cohesive teams fit for future challenge.


All our wellbeing and resilience solutions prioritise the development of adaptable and flexible tools that contribute to lasting and sustainable psychological change. Drawing on scientific evidence, our sensitive, human approach builds psychological safety and promotes curiosity and collaboration.  

Our Values

Evidence-based solutions

Our unique scientific approach draws on the latest research literature to create evidence-based and credible solutions. We only offer what is proven to be effective.


Human approach

Our human, needs-led model allows us to work collaboratively and inclusively with all our clients, whether they are organisations, teams or individuals.


We prioritise resourceful approaches to building wellbeing and resilience that develop lasting capacity and create sustainable long-term change.

Clinical expertise

Our solid grounding in ethical clinical practice and decades of healthcare experience ensures our services are safe, supportive and effective.


Psychological change

Our wellbeing solutions provide practical, skills-based and impactful tools that ensure positive psychological change.


We came into the workplace wellbeing and resilience space from long established professional backgrounds in clinical and research practice and our values reflect this.

"Every person who has attended a session has come away with additional skills and resources to enable them to cope with the challenges and uncertainty we all face. The feedback has been so positive from everyone involved with many people requesting additional sessions.
I have no doubt that the investment we have made as an organisation in providing this service for our workforce has made an immeasurable positive and long-term impact.”

Lisa Tomlinson, Head of People, Fircroft College

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