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The 5 Key Benefits of Resilience Coaching

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

“In only 3 sessions with Jo I have learnt so much about myself, my learnt behaviour in a work setting and how to adapt and change. It has been a really insightful experience and I am adapting daily to make work a stress-free environment.”

Sarah Parsons, Nurse and team leader


Do you have staff members who are struggling with their mental health? Is your organisation losing workdays each year due to stress, anxiety or depression? And what are the personal and professional costs to your employees? Resilience coaching can help. Here we discuss the 5 key benefits of resilience coaching that will allow your people to bounce back quickly from challenge and change.

What is resilience coaching?

Resilience coaching is a targeted, time-limited intervention that facilitates improved coping with mental health challenges. It is a unique blend of coaching and resilience skill development.

How does resilience coaching work?

Through collaborative exploration, clients develop greater self-awareness and understanding of their difficulties. They discover the ways their existing coping can be unhelpful and develop effective strategies to calm the stress response, respond flexibly to challenge and rebuild functioning at home and at work. Through regular sessions, clients build a resilience toolkit that supports them to manage stress effectively and develop lasting resilience capacity.

The 5 key benefits of resilience coaching – how resilience coaching can help you

Resilience coaching tackles a whole range of troubling issues that can impact work functioning. These may include changes at home or at work, health problems, difficult relationships or conflict. Resilience coaching also targets unhelpful coping or internal barriers to wellbeing such as imposter syndrome, low self-confidence or assertiveness.

Whatever the core problem, 5 key benefits of resilience coaching are a common thread:

1. Unique to you

It is important that resilience coaching addresses your particular issues in a flexible way that fits around your other commitments. Firstly, we’ll help you to clearly define your concerns and aims. We’ll look at the resilience skills you’re already using and which ones you might usefully add to your tool kit. And we’ll design a programme of coaching and skill development around your unique needs.

2. Space to explore

Through asking questions and listening we provide space for you to explore what is going on, the triggers for your difficulties and your perceptions of what makes them worse or better. This collaborative approach allows you to work on your challenges at your own pace, in a way that makes sense to you.

3. Enhanced self-awareness

Developing self-awareness is essential to future proof yourself against stress. You will draw on this skill time and again as you encounter new challenges. And through recognising and responding to your signs and symptoms of stress at an early stage, you will be able to bounce back more quickly.

4. Opportunity to test out new strategies

In our everyday lives, it can sometimes feel too risky to try out a new method or approach to tackling the problems we face. Creating opportunity to test out new resilience skills and strategies in a safe way is central to resilience coaching. With the support and encouragement of a resilience coach, clients build confidence to develop their skillset and to overcome blocks to positive change.

5. Enhanced self-efficacy

Self-efficacy is defined as ‘an individual's belief in their capacity to act in the ways necessary to reach specific goals’. Through resilience coaching, you will develop enhanced self-efficacy as you learn that you can take charge of difficult experiences. This will not only build your resilience in the current situation, but also confidence to deal with future challenges.

If this sounds like something you, or an employee in your organisation could benefit from, please get in touch.

With our help and support, you will identify the issues that need addressing, explore coping skills and build resilience to deal with those issues successfully. Our resilience coaching draws on our published model of resilience. After just a few sessions, you will discover a more confident, optimistic and resilient outlook. And you will feel better equipped to manage and overcome both current and future challenges.

Why not check out our fabulous reviews on Trustpilot:

“Jo was really easy to talk to and brilliant at understanding me and what was going on for me at the time. Every session had really useful actions that she emailed me afterwards with a summary of what we had covered in the session. Overall, the sessions have really helped me through a tricky transition in my life so I would thoroughly recommend Ultimate Resilience.”

Holly Waterman, Senior Strategy Officer


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