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We’ve Won an Award!

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

We are proud and excited to announce that we have won the award for the Best Evidence Based-based Wellbeing and Resilience Training Provider at the 2021 GHP News Fitness & Nutrition Awards.

The award was given for demonstrating a high level of excellence within the Fitness & Nutrition industry, particularly through the pandemic. Our commitment to providing workplace wellbeing solutions that are grounded in robust research and theory was central to our win. So was the application of our unique model of resilience, published in the Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology in January 2021. The flexible manner in which we adapted our ways of working in response to the pandemic was also a strength highlighted by the judges.

Our award-winning approach

At Ultimate Resilience, we specialise in supporting staff at all levels of the organisation to manage emotional difficulties, challenge and change. As clinical psychologists with many years’ experience in both clinical and leadership roles, we are passionate about mental health and wellbeing across all areas of life. We believe you can’t have one without the other.

We are particularly proud to be recognised for the evidence-based approach we take in every area of our work. We believe that personal and organisational resilience go hand in hand, and that to boost staff resilience, organisations must prioritise staff mental health and wellbeing.

Since 2013, we’ve been designing and delivering services based on current theory and research that shows what really works in building resilience and wellbeing. Our services help organisations to understand and minimise the causes of stress in the workplace, to support staff at all levels to build emotional and social intelligence, to grow resilience and enjoy improved mental health and wellbeing.

Our flexible response to the pandemic

During the pandemic, the need for our services was greater than ever. But this came with challenges. With lockdown, it was not possible to offer face-to-face training as we normally would. We had to find new ways of delivering our training and coaching to respond flexibly to the increasing need.

So, in March 2020, we redesigned our whole range of programmes to deliver sessions online. This involved overhauling content and process to ensure that online participants would still have a supportive and valuable learning experience. We wanted to achieve maximum interaction and engagement with our training and coaching participants and to continue to deliver lasting results.

We designed exercises and factsheets for participants to take away and use in their own time. We recorded our online sessions so participants could review content and consolidate their learning after the training. And we provided links to additional information that they could access online to support their learning.

Recognising the ongoing impact of the pandemic on mental health, we developed new courses aimed at supporting clients through the unique challenges of this tough time. This included our webinar series Surviving the Mental Health Impact of Covid. These interactive group sessions provide space to learn and practise a range of key skills and strategies that help individuals and teams to maintain good mental health. Topics covered include building emotional resilience, understanding mental health and accessing support, developing a resilient mindset, creating resilient teams, talking about mental health and supporting others, and maintaining good self-care.

In addition, we provided regular resilience and wellbeing tips and advice through our twice-weekly blogs. These were published on our website, sent to our email subscribers and also posted on social media to ensure maximum accessibility.

The next steps for our winning team

Ensuring that our services are evidence-based and responsive to our clients’ needs have always been of the utmost importance to us. Winning this award gives a clear endorsement for these, our core values.

As workplaces begin to open up again, we are continuing to support business and organisations to help staff with the ongoing challenges they are facing, whether these are linked to hybrid working, returning to the office or team changes. We have developed new training courses to help staff members to manage anxiety and support each other through challenge and change. We are also working with leaders and managers to ensure they are equipped with the skills to respond to staff needs and support them back into the workplace. This includes prioritising psychological safety, responding sensitively to staff fears and ensuring new working practices remain inclusive and equitable.

If you are interested in any of our services or just want to find out more about resilience and wellbeing in the workplace and beyond, please get in touch.


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