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Reconnecting with lost friends - Felicity talks to Flic Everett in the Daily Mail

Reconnecting with lost friends

I was really excited to find my tips for reconnecting with lost friends were published in this article by Flic Everett whilst I was on holiday.

I was rather time poor before I went away when Flic approached me. But I was really happy to contribute to this piece as it has such relevance for resilience.

Social connection is hugely important for our resilience. Research tells us that people who have strong supportive relationships tend to fare better when the going gets tough, tend to be healthier and happier and tend to live longer more satistifed lives.

So staying in touch or reconnecting with lost friendships can play a role in helping us to remain resilient. Particularly if you had a strong reciprocal bond with that person.

But as we go through life it is quite normal to lose touch with people.

There are many reasons for this, some may be linked with us moving away, taking up new work, hobbies or interests or just entering a new life phase.

Other reasons may be more complicated involving a disagrement or a falling out that just never got resolved.

Either way we can find ourselves reflecting on that lost friendship years later and wishing to revive it.

In this article I reflect on when it may be beneficial to rekindle an old friendship, which lost friends might be better left in the past and how to go about getting back in touch.


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