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Resilience Boost

E-learning Resilience Training Course

Are you struggling with stress but don’t have time to access support or training that will help?

Do you want to build skills that boost you wellbeing and resilience now and in the future?

Do your other commitments, geographical location or psychological challenges make it difficult to attend in-person training?

Find out more about our E-learning Resilience Course. 

How we can help

Designed for maximum engagement and accessibility, this online training offers a route to great resilience and wellbeing for remote workers, teams working across several locations or wanting to learn at a time, pace and location of their choosing.


This E-learning Resilience Training Course contains all the essential ingredients from our Essential Resilience training, delivered in an accessible online format that you can progress through at your own pace.

Backed by science and based on our published Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience this training provides all you need to overcome challenge and change. From building self-awareness, to managing difficult emotions, thinking more flexibly and prioritising great self-care, this programme leaves no stone unturned in the quest for a mentally healthy life.

working woman

I am working through the course and getting a lot out of it… It's been of real value and I feel less stressed, more aware of arousal triggers and overall happier - understanding what's happening and the science is an eye opener.

Stuart Summers

Sales Manager Ascent Business Solutions

What people say

Experts and published authors in resilience and wellbeing​

Decades of clinical expertise supporting individuals and groups to make lasting psychological change ​

Established track record in resilience training​

Multi-award-winning evidence-based approach​

Why choose us?


Learn new skills to:


Recognise early warning signs of stress before they become a problem


Regulate upsetting emotions that undermine performance and wellbeing​


Build strong relationships for improved team cohesion and collaboration


Manage negative thinking and build self-confidence


Balance demands and prioritise self-care for optimum bounce back-ability​​​

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