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Resilient Leadership Training

Are your leaders functioning at their best, or are heightened stress levels undermining their own and their team’s resilience?

Are managers proactively engaged in culture change, building a culture of resilience and psychological safety within your organisation? Or are they part of the problem contributing to stress and burnout?

Are you losing great employees due to poor leadership?

How we can help

Research shows that resilient teams are effective teams. 

Leaders who build a resilient workforce achieve heightened productivity and improved team co-operation, collaboration and cohesion. 

Drawing on and extending our Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience this workshop-based programme teaches staff in leadership positions all the resilience skills needed to grow personal and team resilience.

Through a combination of didactic and experiential learning, we support leaders to recognise and overcome threats to individual and team resilience ensuring that your business will thrive.


We worked with Ultimate Resilience to develop a programme for Senior and Middle Leaders around Resilient Leadership. The programme was extremely relevant, well planned and professionally delivered. All staff reported that they found the session informative and useful. Similarly, Ultimate Resilience ran a leadership programme for our Pastoral Team. This particularly focused on difficult conversations and challenging situations. This was invaluable and all staff reported learning and developing their resilience.

Emily Dalton

Vice Principal

Arnold Hill Academy

What people say

Experts and published authors in resilience and wellbeing​

Decades of clinical expertise supporting individuals and groups to make lasting psychological change ​

Established track record in resilience training​

Multi-award-winning evidence-based approach​

Why choose us?


Our Resilient leadership Training will support your leaders to:


Grow their own personal resilience​


Create a culture of trust and psychological safety​


Understand and manage threats to individual & team functioning


Successfully support employee mental health and wellbeing​​


Build teams that are resilient to manage challenge and change​


Grow organisational resilience

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