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Creating Resilience & Wellbeing Solutions

Building resilience and wellbeing into your organisation just got a whole lot easier


We listen. 

We make sense of what you and your people need. 

We design and deliver packages of training and support that will make your organisation the best place to work, ensuring great employee wellbeing and resilience and attracting fantastic talent.


Be Well to Work Well Assessment

Providing critical insights you can quickly action, our process of consultation, design and implementation, will get to the root of staff challenges and concerns, allowing you to develop a clear, needs-driven and responsive wellbeing strategy that will drive improved health and wellbeing.



Bespoke Survey

Our Bespoke Survey will equip you with clear data on how organisational changes are impacting staff health, wellbeing and work performance, enhancing the agility of your business.


Staff Survey

Understanding the challenges that undermine the functioning of your employees and organisation is key to long term resilience.


Our evaluation skills and expertise in research methods will ensure you get all your questions answered.


Essential Resilience Training

For your whole workforce - Our award-winning Essential Resilience training is the go-to solution to support your people to manage stress and maintain great mental health and wellbeing through challenge and change.



E-learning Resilience Training Course

Our online Essential Resilience training provides the flexibility you need to ensure everyone has equal access to this award-winning programme.



Resilient Leadership Training

Our evidence-based Resilient Leadership programme will help you become a psychologically-informed leader who can improve employee wellbeing and productivity.



Tailored Training Solutions

Our tailored training offers you the flexibility to respond effectively to specific mental health and wellbeing challenges faced by your people, teams and organisation.



Our training packages are based on scientific evidence and tailored to your needs, giving you complete confidence that we will deliver the outcomes you want.


Individual Resilience Coaching

Drawing on our unique blend of clinical skills and workplace expertise we will support your people to overcome stress and to deal effectively with the impact of life’s challenges on health and wellbeing at work.



Group Resilience Coaching

Ensuring lasting change for people who have attended our resilience training courses, group coaching embeds learning through guided reflection, discussion and trouble-shooting of new resilience skills.



Resilience Supervision

Created exclusively for leaders and HR professionals, our Resilience Supervision sessions provide regular, impartial, professional support to maintain personal and organisational resilience. Provided by skilled clinicians trained in supervision methods, Resilience Supervision provides space for guided reflection on work challenges, building resilience skills into the fabric of your organisation and creating the architecture for positive cultural change.


Coaching & Professional Support

Our resilience coaching and supervision packages are focused interventions aimed at embedding resilience skills to underpin good health and wellbeing across your workforce.

Dr Naomi Wilson, Associate Clinical Director/Head of Psychological Therapies, Combat Stress

“Ultimate Resilience have been the mainstay in our provision of high quality wellbeing support for our staff, many of whom work in the delivery of clinical services to a client group who have complex mental health needs, and therefore have emotionally challenging roles. We recognise that our staff need to be well at work, in order to deliver effective services for those who seek our help and treatment and are seeking to understand and implement support for them such that we can ensure this.


We sought out UR because of their track record in delivering evidence-based resources that support staff wellbeing and the extremely high level of clinical experience of their training team.


They have delivered resilience training on a rolling basis and 1-1 resilience coaching. Other initiatives that they have supported our Charity with are working with our HR team to develop and implement staff well-being surveys and most recently have run bespoke training for those staff who have expressed interest in acting as wellbeing champions.


Staff have consistently provided positive feedback about the training and support delivered by UR:

  • Absolutely brilliant training. Really made me think about how I approach

situations and how I can think about things differently to look after my mental

health better. Thoroughly recommend anyone to take part.

  • Fantastic training session. It really made me step back and think about things

differently in both my work and personal life. Very thought-provoking, thank you!


Based on the feedback from our staff we would recommend UR as an excellent provider for any form of wellbeing initiatives.”

Office workers


Let's have a conversation.

Investing in resilience and wellbeing has many proven benefits:

Improved team resilience and performance

Reduced turnover and absence costs

Increased employee engagement and productivity

Increased employee mobility and potential

Fewer formal issues

Increased creativity, problem solving and business sustainability

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