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Essential Resilience Training 

Are stress and burnout undermining employee performance and disrupting workplace culture? 

Are your people losing motivation and passion for work?

Would they benefit from skills to maintain wellbeing and respond positively to future challenges?

How we can help

Backed by science and based on our published Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience this training provides the essential ingredients for great resilience and wellbeing.

From building self-awareness, to managing difficult emotions, thinking more flexibly and prioritising great self-care this programme leaves no stone unturned in the quest for a mentally healthy workforce.

Delivered in workshop format, the combination of didactic and experiential learning ensures maximum engagement and accessibility. Perfect for anyone wishing to build skills that boost their capacity for wellbeing and resilience, now and over the longer term.


Experts and published authors in resilience and wellbeing​

Decades of clinical expertise supporting individuals and groups to make lasting psychological change ​

Established track record in resilience training​

Multi-award-winning evidence-based approach​

Why choose us?

Ultimate Resilience delivered resilience workshops for staff at the Higher Education Funding Council whilst I was Learning Lead.


Felicity was excellent to work with during the scoping of the workshop, she quickly got to grips with our organisation and culture, she is clearly an expert in her field. Feedback on the workshops were that they were engaging, grounded in research and accompanied by quality materials. I highly recommend them.

Amy Turner

HR Advisor Learning and Development Lead


What people say


Workshop participants will learn to:


Build strong relationships for improved team cohesion and collaboration


Recognise early warning signs of stress before they become a problem​


Regulate upsetting emotions that undermine performance and wellbeing​


Manage negative thinking and build self-confidence​


Balance demands and prioritise self-care for optimum bounce back-ability​

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