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Coaching & Professional Support

Group Resilience Coaching

Have your employees’ work functioning been affected by stress?

Are they struggling with daily tasks, feeling overwhelmed or taking time off?

Have they tried other sources of support with little improvement?

How we can help

Our Group Resilience Coaching makes a difference. 

Adding Group Resilience Coaching to your programme of resilience training will ensure enhanced skills development for lasting psychological change. 

Multi-buy packages are also available to ensure your teams are continually growing their resilience.

colleagues working together

Life-changing course

I attended an Ultimate Resilience course 2 years ago and it really did change the way I looked at my work and personal life. Jo and Felicity gave us a great mix of theory and then practical ways to take steps to improve our resilience. I often refer back to what happened on that course and use different techniques to help me stay resilient in stressful times; the course really was a life-changer. Thank you.

Heather Stockwell

Training participant


What people say

Qualified healthcare professionals ​

Regulated by professional bodies​

Trained in the science of resilience and psychological change

Responsive to the unique needs of clients, providing skills and strategies tailored to their goals​

Why choose us?


Working collaboratively in small groups of up to 12 people, sessions will:


Embed learning following attendance at Essential Resilience Training​


Build skills of self-awareness and self-reflection


Enhance understanding of effective resilience strategies 


Connect resilience success with personal and professional goals​

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