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Coaching & Professional Support

Individual Resilience Coaching

Have your employees’ work functioning been affected by stress?

Are they struggling with daily tasks, feeling overwhelmed or taking time off?

Have they tried other sources of support with little improvement?

How we can help

Our 1-1 Resilience Coaching will make all the difference. Working collaboratively with an experienced resilience coach your employees will learn to deal with life’s stress more effectively, let go of unhelpful coping and identify goals and strategies that will help them recover and bounce back.

Multi-buy packages are available to ensure there is always a resilience coach available whenever an employee needs support.


In only 3 sessions with Jo I have learnt so much about myself, my learnt behaviour in a work setting and how to adapt and change. It has been a really insightful experience and I am adapting daily to make work a stress free environment.

Sarah Parsons

Lead Nurse

Southbourne Surgery

What people say

Qualified healthcare professionals

Regulated by professional bodies​

Trained in the science of resilience and psychological change

Responsive to the unique needs of clients, providing skills and strategies tailored to their goals​

Why choose us?


Our coaching will help you:


Understand your unique sources of stress​​


Build skills and strategies to manage stress, overcome challenge and rebuild confidence​​


Respond more effectively to your own self-care needs​​


Reconnect with the person you want to be, and live the life you want​

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