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Beyond Lip Service: How to walk the employee wellbeing talk

If you are tasked with promoting employee wellbeing in your organisation, this interesting article by Wendy Helfenbaum in Reworked is essential reading. Highlighting the challenges of getting workplace wellbeing right, the article raises the important issue of walking the talk and not just talking the talk.

Too often organisations get it wrong, paying lip service to employee wellbeing but not really caring. But it's not enough for an organisation to say it cares if it doesnt back this statement up with action.

employee wellbeing

In the article Dr Jo Burrell highlights the importance of a wellbeing strategy and comments on the strides organisations need to take in order to make employee wellbeing an achievable reality.

She says that "Organizations are slowly making progress, but they’re massively playing catch-up. They're hearing that well-being is a thing they need to be attending to, so they're grabbing the latest trend, workshop or app off the shelf and throwing it at the problem without thinking about whether it’s suited to their environment, employees and demographic. Too many employers aren't making savvy, evidence-based choices.” 

The article emphasises what we at Ultimate Resilience have been promoting for over 10 years:

  • The need for an evidence-based and strategic approach

  • For organisations to treat employees with kindness and to promote and reward a caring culture

  • That leaders need to be equipped with the interpersonal tools to support employee wellbeing

  • To provide leaders with support support to manage their own wellbeing.

To read the full article click here.


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