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Are you stuck in a mid-life friendship drought? Cited in The Daily Mail

Are you stuck in a mid-life friendship drought? Have you noticed your frienships changing as you get older? Do you feel like you are losing touch with old friends and struggling to make time for new ones?

Are you stuck in a mid-life friendship drought?

Holding onto friendships through our life takes time and effort.

However much we enjoy a person's company, it can be hard to fit in and prioritise social meet-ups.

When we factor in the demands of raising children, working and looking after ageing parents this is a common experience for many of us and can contribute to anxiety or low mood.

Feelings of overwhelm and burnout lead us naturally into our own company as we feel we have little energy for social events.

But it is at these times that we need our friends more than ever. Our social connections help us to manage stress, find solutions to problems, feel supported and build resilience.

In this article by Flic Everett for The Daily Mail Felicity provides some advice on 'How to keep your friends - and make new ones'.

Drawing both on my psychological knowledge and expertise, and also on personal experience, I believe that the shifting sands of friendships can be stabilised with a few simple steps. And we can all meet new people through shared interests and experiences at any age.

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