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Felicity featured in iPaper talking about Festive Season Fatigue

We are so proud of Dr Felicity Baker for being featured in iPaper this week discussing how to combat festive season fatigue.

Festive season fatigue

In truth, it is a season of mixed emotions. 

💚 Some people spend months anticipating the joy of Christmas and relish every moment when it arrives.

🧡 For others, it's a time sadness as they are reminded of troubled relationships or loved ones lost.

Either way, The sheer number of tasks to get through (😩 shopping, cooking, tidying 😩) can be overwhelming.

❓ So, what can you do to calm festive stress, reduce fatigue and connect with the more positive emotions of this season?

3 ways to manage festive season fatigue

🎄 Let go of negative self talk 

Christmas can be a highly pressured time and many of us experience feelings of anxiety or stress. When this happens, it's easy to launch into self-criticism, berating yourself for not coping or managing effectively. But this only makes you feel worse and creates a vicious circle of negativity that fuels further stress. 

Remember: You're doing your best

🎄 Be kind to yourself

Taking a few moments of time out, engaging in activities that you find soothing and enjoyable will help to calm the stress response. You may want to try practising mindfulness. This will allow you to focus on the present moment and to let go of unhelpful worries. 

Remember: You matter too

🎄 Make space for positive emotions

Research shows that positive emotions help to soothe the stress response. They calm the sympathetic nervous system and generate a sense of safety and contentment, telling your brain that everything is ok. If you're feeling agitated or overwhelmed, generating positive emotions can undo stress, creating a sense of hope, and confidence that difficult times will pass. 

Remember: You are loved 


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