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Redditch Standard: Mentally preparing to live with Covid

Prudence Wade of the Redditch Standard spoke to our very own Dr Jo Burrell about how we can prepare for the next phase of the pandemic, 'living with Covid'.

As the rules about self-isolating following a postive Covid test were relaxed, Prtudence ask how we can mentally prepare.

In the article, Jo talks about dealing with uncertainty associated with the changed restrictions, the importance of being patient with ourselves as we adjust and of being kind to ourselves and other people. Any change takes time to adapt to and in the process we can often find ourselves plagued by negative or catastrophic thinking that can disrupt our everyday lives and undermine our confidence. Jo talks through some top tips about how to manage negative thoughts to change how we feel by changing the way that we are seeing the situation.

If you want to find out more about our workplace based interventions that support people through challenge and change, provide skills and strategies to overcome negative thinking and ensure people have the resilience to bounce back get in touch.


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