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Spreading Joy this Festive Season

Traditionally, Christmas embodies peace and goodwill. It's a chance to cherish loved ones and brings promise of respite from the many challenges of the past year - a moment of tranquillity. In this blog we give you our glittering top tips for spreading joy even further this festive season.

Spreading joy this festive season

Spreading joy this festive season - The power of giving

Christmas gifting aligns perfectly with boosting both our own and others' happiness and wellbeing. That’s because Research indicates that treating ourselves leads to increased happiness, and gifting to others rewards us with even greater joy.

Spreading joy this festive season

But if the cost-of-living crisis is making your usual Christmas spending plans more challenging this year, fear not! This is your chance to get creative and explore alternative ways to spread joy this festive season. Try thinking beyond the material and embracing the magic of giving, kindness or gratitude. Consider crafting personalised gifts, whipping up delicious homemade treats, or even delving into the art of photography or poetry. Perhaps it's the perfect moment to dive into a new hobby and infuse this season with your unique touch.

Giving time

Simone Weil once said:

"Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity."

It’s true. Within our busy, bustling lives, giving your undivided attention to a loved one can be the most precious gift. Devoting your time and attention to a treasured  friend or relative will elevate positive emotions, fostering goodwill and boosting wellbeing. It even creates a sense of abundance in time, making you more inclined to prioritise others in the future.

Being kind

Acts of kindness don’t just increase happiness in the recipient; research shows the giver gets a  surge of positive emotions too. Simply offering support or help to someone else, considering their needs, can kindle the festive spirit. In this simple act, you spread joy to the those around you.

Expressing gratitude

Gratitude shifts your focus to the positives in your life. It connects you with others and significantly enhances your wellbeing. Expressing gratitude, be it through a letter or a call, creates a lasting boost to mental health. Writing a thank you note for received gifts or time during the festive period can, remarkably, uplift your mood.

Check out this video to find out more from some powerful psychological research on gratitude.


Celebrations like Christmas, Hanukkah and Eid are steeped in rituals. These traditions, though they may seem predictable, actually provide us with a sense of belonging and connection. They foster trust, reduce stress and limit conflict.

Following these familiar rituals through social gatherings generates positive emotions and a sense of stability. Research also shows that engaging in rituals and generating positive emotions in this way helps to reduce stress levels and incidents of interpersonal conflict.

Wishing you peace, love and warmth this festive season.


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