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Stress Management at Work

Updated: Mar 29

Target stress and overwhelm. Increase wellbeing, innovation and performance.

The impact of stress at work

When your staff feel overwhelmed and unsupported, they cannot perform at their best and their work suffers. High levels of ongoing stress have been shown to be predictive of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. These problems are a major cause of sickness absence across all sectors.

So, when stress hits, it does not just affect the individual. It can undermine team performance and threaten the effectiveness of your business.

What you can do as an employer

Prevention is better than cure. Whether you are a CEO, manager or team leader, being responsive to staff wellbeing needs is key.

Taking time to listen, understand and respond to the challenges staff face will allow you to take action to minimise threats before they become a problem.

Promoting greater openness about mental health and wellbeing reduces stigma, allowing your people to ask for help when they need it, and to reach out and support others who may be struggling.

Training your managers to create a psychologically safe and responsive culture at work will ensure your staff are confident to be open about challenges, set-backs or failures at an early stage.

When stress becomes a problem, providing targeted training will help your people to build the skills they need to manage their physiological, emotional and behavioural responses and to find balanced ways of coping in challenging situations.

How we can help?

Interventions aimed at reducing stress and building resilience are crucial to improved mental health and wellbeing, psychosocial functioning and productivity.

At Ultimate Resilience, we are specialists in the psychological tools needed to manage stress and build resilience. We can support your people to make lasting change, leading to significant benefits for them and for your organisation.

Based on our published Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience, our training and coaching services will ensure your people have all the key skills and strategies to manage stress, bounce back and thrive.

Through our Resilient Leadership programme, we will support your leaders to become cultural architects, to build psychological safety and resilience into the fabric of your organisation.

Whatever the challenges you or your organisation are facing, we can help. Our Bespoke training and coaching can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your staff and leaders, to help them manage stress, build resilience and maintain a culture of positive mental health.

Stress management just for you

If you are an individual looking for ways to manage stress effectively and build your resilience, check out our online course. Or take a look at our complementary video in which we share proven methods for banishing stress.

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