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NHS Health Education England

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“Good reminder to practice what you preach. Psychologists are human too.” “Feeling very inspired and optimistic! Excited about taking the ideas back to my team!” “I came feeling quite tense and flat (due to external factors) and am leaving feeling much more positive and inspired! Thank you.” “It’s made me think about how I can develop my own strengths and incorporate it into conversations with colleagues to help remind them of their strengths.”


The Post Qualification Training Committee, which offers training for NHS clinical psychologists across Yorkshire and Humber region, approached us to offer resilience training to a large group of practitioners. They already had knowledge of resilience and therapy models to help people with stress and change.


We adapted the workshop training for people coping with the specific pressures encountered in front-line NHS services. We reviewed participants’ knowledge and recapped for people who were less familiar with resilience. We also accommodated participants’ particular interests in research on the effectiveness of resilience and the relatively new and growing field of positive psychology.


We placed a greater emphasis on breaking unhelpful coping and looked at how to incorporate what we know as psychologists into our own lives. It is one thing to be able to use models and ideas to inform our practice with clients but another thing to apply them to ourselves.


All available spaces were filled, and feedback from participants in this group was very positive. 100% of participants enjoyed the workshop and reported that the ideas and information had been communicated clearly.


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