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Peak District National Park Authority

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“The workshop was really well run and informative. There was the right mix of participation and presentation. Thank you.” “Thank you so much for a stimulating and memorable workshop.” “Excellent use of my time, and very well presented by two excellent course directors.”


We became involved at the very start of a period of significant structural change. This was to progress over two years. There were potential job losses and changes to departments and management. Senior management were keen to support all staff through this process of change and build resilience into the fabric of their organisational identity.


Following consultation, we agreed to deliver a bespoke package on three fronts: this was a series of Essential Resilience workshops to senior teams then employees, resilience coaching sessions to individuals and a series of Resilient Leadership workshops. As our work evolved, the organisation brought resilient practices to every tier of the structural hierarchy.


Our Essential Resilience training with the senior team was a good starting point and was followed by three tailored Essential Resilience workshops for employees. Later the same year we offered Individual Resilience Coaching sessions. After the bulk of the structural change had been implemented, we supported the new management team, including the CEO, with our Resilient Leadership training.


The Resilient Leadership training enabled leaders to facilitate resilient practices in their teams, to create a safe environment to ensure improved cooperation and collaboration and to use resilient leadership styles to get the best out of staff. 96% reported that they felt the training was relevant to their needs.


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