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Primary Integrated Care Services

“It has helped me recognise stress triggers and I now realise that I was not managing stressful situations as well as I thought I was.”

“I feel optimistic that I can develop my resilience when dealing with my teams’ demands.”

“Definitely want to book a couple of colleagues on the next course please.”

“Very insightful and helpful, thanks.”

“Good balance of discussion/exercises/videos and slides.”


PICS provides local clinically led health services grounded in clear values to provide comprehensive, high quality, patient-focused and effective services. A core objective of the organisation is to care about its clients, staff and partners too. Established in 2013, PICS has undergone considerable growth and change, which has been both exciting and challenging for staff.


In line with the core values of the organisation, a need was identified to ensure that staff are supported and equipped to manage change effectively. A Staff survey about wellbeing needs highlighted resilience skills as a particular priority.


We initially delivered Resilient Leadership training to senior managers within the organisation. This aimed to raise leaders’ awareness of resilience and the importance of building strong, safe and trusting relationships in supporting staff to build resilience and wellbeing. We went on to provide a package of Essential Resilience training to staff in all roles across the organisation, with lasting learning and development supported through group coaching sessions.


The Resilient Leadership training opened leaders to ways in which staff could be supported through organisational change and development, focusing on emotional and social intelligence skills and the importance of a supportive working culture. Staff attending the Essential Resilience training felt they had their managers’ permission to put new resilient practices into action in the workplace and as a result reported improvements in wellbeing.


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