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Tailored Training Solutions

Are your employees facing specific mental health and wellbeing challenges? Are they burning out, struggling with hybrid working, anxiety or managing difficult conversations?

Or maybe you have employees acting into supportive roles but lacking guidance and support themselves.

How we can help

Whatever your wellbeing challenges, we can provide a customised training solution.

Our tailored training solutions draw on scientific evidence to provide your staff with a learning experience that responds to their particular challenges.Through a combination of didactic and experiential approaches, our training will create lasting psychological change. 

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I commissioned Felicity and Jo to design a workshop to help our PGT students at Nottingham Business School better understand 'difficult conversations' and why they are important. Students were encouraged to discuss the defining features of difficult conversations and why it is important to address them, as opposed to avoid them. The session discussed how these conversations are imperative to the development of strong relationships and team cohesion, as well as managing the stress that emulate from these types of conversations. The sessions help students overcome their feelings about confrontation, whilst teaching the skills of active listening and focus. I look forward to continuing the relationships NBS has developed with Felicity and Jo.

Dr Claudia Bordogna

Senior Lecturer in Postgraduate & Exec. Ed. Personal and Professional Development

Nottingham Business School

What people say

Experts in resilience and wellbeing & authors of The Skills-based Model of Personal Resilience

Decades of clinical expertise working with individuals and groups​

Established track record of working with the full range of mental health and wellbeing challenges​

Provided by experienced mental health professionals ensuring your staff are in safe hands​

Why choose us?


Learn new skills to:


Respond effectively to a wide range of unique and organisation specific challenges​​


Put in place strategies to improve mental health and wellbeing​


Create functioning teams that can work collaboratively together​


Grow individual, team and organisational resilience

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