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Kickstart Coaching

Bounce back from challenge

Are challenges in your work or personal life leaving you feeling overwhelmed?

Do you feel like demands are mounting up but you dont have the resources to deal with them?

Are you worried you are losing confidence and don't know what to do?

Stop fighting, start thriving

Take a transformative journey with our 1-1 Kickstart Coaching, where every moment ignites a spark of change.

Embark on a dynamic partnership with your dedicated resilience coach, crafting strategies and insights tailored exclusively for you. With precision and care, you’ll be supported to replace the shackles of stress and anxiety with newfound strength and clarity.


With our help and support you will quickly reignite your inner flame of emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Let's do this!

It's time to reclaim control of your life


Tackle your unique sources of stress​​


Grow skills to overcome challenge and rebuild confidence​​


Target your wellbeing needs efficiently and effectively


Reconnect with the life you want​ to live

Qualified healthcare professionals

Regulated by professional bodies​

Trained in the science of resilience and psychological change

Responsive to the unique needs of clients, providing skills and strategies tailored to their goals​

Why choose us?

The time I spent with Jo has been transformational. She helped me to unpick a tricky situation and to find ways to adapt and develop. I felt listened to and cared about, and she gave me great tools to rebuild my confidence.


Marketing Manager

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