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Coaching & Professional Support

Individual Resilience Supervision

Are your leaders and HR professionals facing high-pressure demands?

Do they have the right skills to manage complex or distressing interpersonal challenges?

Do they lack impartial support to tackle stress and burnout?

How we can help

Protect your leaders, protect your teams. 

Leaders and HR professionals continually face complex, distressing and high-pressure challenges, often in isolation and with little access to impartial support. With the right help, this sustained pressure can be managed effectively, to minimise the impact on health and wellbeing and prevent costly and damaging disengagement, ill-health or burnout. 

Our expert 1-1 Resilience Supervision sessions will ensure your leaders have the regular support they need to maintain resilience, to be happier and healthier at work and to role model good wellbeing practices for their whole organisation.

Provided as an annual package, of either 6 or 12 sessions, ensuring regularity and availability. Multi-buy packages are also available.


Qualified healthcare professionals ​

Regulated by professional bodies​

Trained in the science of resilience and psychological change

Responsive to the unique needs of clients, providing skills and strategies tailored to their goals​

Routine monitoring of wellbeing and evaluation of the impact and quality of supervision​

Why choose us?


Our Supervision for Resilience Service provides your leaders with regular, impartial professional support to protect their resilience and health by delivering:


Impartial safe space for guided reflection on work challenges​


Opportunity to offload and process your own emotional responses​


New skills to build personal resilience


Support to develop psychological safety within your organisation ​


Regular sessions, offering comfort in the knowledge that space to talk and reflect is scheduled without the need to ask for it.​

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