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Resilience in Modern Day Organizations

My co-authors Dr Jo Burrell, Dr Kevin Baker and I were delighted to have been invited by Ritsa Ventouratos - Fotinatos and Professor Sir Cary Cooper,CBE to contribute to their edited volume: Resilience in Modern Day Organisations.

Book cover - Resilience in Modern Day Organisations

Bringing together authors from across the globe this book addresses both theoretical and conceptual issues of resilience in modern day organizations.

Our chapter: 'Applying a Psychologically Informed Approach to Resilience in Health and Social Care Organizations', highlights the central role of intra- and interpersonal factors in maintaining organisational resilience.

The model can be applied to a wide range of organisations to understand the challenges they face and how to manage them.

Often overlooked, the impact of threats and challenges on employee resilience is frequently underestimated.

Our people are the powerhouse of our organisations. If they are not functioning to the best of their ability, the output of the whole organisations suffers. So we need to be doing everything we can to support and protect them, understanding their pressure points and building their resilience to ensure they have what they need to thrive.

Our chapter presents a completely unique, evidence-based approach to building organisational resilience. It presents a psychologically informed process, highlighting the important functions of assessment, formulation and intervention in understanding and responding to the threats threats and challenges that can undermine resilience.


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