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Jo featured in The Sun: The signs you’re heading for burnout at work – and 6 ways to avoid it...

So proud of Jo to be cited in The Sun talking about the signs you're heading for burnout at work.

The signs you are heading towards burnout at work

Burnout at work is on the rise.

In fact, as Jo says in the article, research published last year revealed workplace burnout had impacted 88% of UK employees to some degree over the previous two years. And one-third of those interviewed claimed to frequently suffer from physical and mental exhaustion due to workplace pressures.

Contributors to burnout include too much work, staff shortages, poor management, a toxic work culture and, above all, lack of employee support.

For some, burnout can also be exacerbated by the move away from a traditional nine-to-five working day, with checking email on mobiles and working from home blurring the boundaries between work and personal life.

As clinical psychologists working with leaders who are struggling with burnout, we know that an essential starting point for managing stress and burnout, is to be aware of the early warning signs of stress. The sooner you can spot the signs you are struggling the faster you can put in place strategies that will help you cope.

We also know that having the right support in place is key to preventing burnout. Providing psychologically safe, impartial space to explore and reflect on work-based challenges reduces the risk of problems mounting up and makes the journey back to mental health more readily attainable.

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